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simultaneous engineering

nowadays is a must in simultaneous engineering offers us the right solution to meet our requirement
who knows ... who tells ...

Kaizen gives us more efficiency to increase our competitiveness through continuous
improvement without ending
The strong engineering ... is the only one answer ... for solutions

Flight Screw Feeder
High wear resistance cast iron, Hardness up to 63 HRC
Precision Sand Cast, weight 10 kg

Low alloyed cast iron, life time only 11 days, 24 hours operation time

Transporting of abrasive raw material in ceramic glaze manufacturer at elevated temperature.
Actual loading:
high wearing, heat, temperature shock as well as impact loading

Solved through our special wear resistance cast iron, which could meet all the practical requirements

improve the critical dimension to achieve tighter tolerance

final results achieved only through strong analyses in the field as well as our sophisticated knowhow in casting technology
longer life time at least 6 weeks or longer for 24 hour non-stop operation less machine down time means higher productivity, easy assembly through our dimension accuracy inspection

Piston for non-lubricating compressor
Special Aluminum Alloy with surface hardness more than 90 HB, low thermal expansion coefficient, high strength, 3 pieces assembly, sand cast up to 80 kg
Application: Ethylene circulation in polyethylene manufacturer
Origin: Aluminum Silicon Alloy with poor mechanical property
Actual requirements: high tensile strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, good wear resistance, finished dimension accuracy, special surface treatment, excellent casting soundness, pressure tight up to 30 bar
Final results: maintenance-free operation since over 2 years, cost saving more than 80 % of the original part, higher durability, excellent dimension stability at elevated temperature

The fact ... tells the truth...

Mixing Impeller from High alloyed cast Steel with excellent wear resistance
Hardness up to 55 HRC - Sand Casting - weight 60 kg
Origin: cast iron with poor wear and corrosion resistance, life time only 3-4 months
Application: Mixing of cement, asbestos, silica sand and additives
Actual loading: high wearing as well as corrosive medium
Right solution: only through our special high alloyed cast steel

final results: no indication of wearing or corrosion and running smoothly after 2 years operation



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